Happy Blogaversary To Me





Apparently I’ve been blogging for eight years. WordPress says so, and they should know.
Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.32.01 PMTechnically I blogged a bit before joining wordpress, but nothing much. I must’ve started my first wordpress blog after my first open adoption visit. Those posts were unpublished about a year ago. More cognizant of boundaries and ownership of stories I took everything down. The plan was to proof read and edit them so they didn’t invade the privacy of others.

However, in addition to being an open adoption birth mom I’m also a wife and a doctoral student. I’ve never found the time to sort through seven (now eight) years of posts. Then this past weekend I learn that I should probably have a better domain name if I want what I write to reach anyone. So for my blogaversary I bought open adoption birth mother.

Do I love it? Not particularly. Will it grow on me? Maybe. Does it make more sense with what I’m trying to say? Yes.

There are a few others rolling around in my brain right now, maybe I’ll eventually aquire them as well and learn how to integrate all the things. But until then I’ll find some time to develop this platform.


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