An Open Adoption Birth Mom’s Real Estate Dream

Currently I live in a teeny one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city. If it were just me it’d be the perfect size, but it’s me and my husband, TeacherMan, and his our large dog and my our cat. It’s cramped, to say the least, with just the four of us, and sometimes (but not as much as I’d like) it also houses my teenager.

A few times a year I go and visit my Kidlet in his home and a few times a year he comes and visits me us in mine ours. Unfortunately with such a small space he’s relegated to the couch. I dream of the day we can upgrade to a larger space, not only because OMG I WOULD LOVE AN ACTUAL CLOSET*, but also because I want to be able to offer Kidlet a bed when he comes to visit.

I dream of one day having a room that is his even if he only uses it a few weeks a year. I know it’s not technically practical to have an entire room that doesn’t get used a majority of the year. I can almost hear all the HGTV hosts yelling at me about “wasted space”, but is it really wasted if it makes me feel like I’m finally able to offer him something when I’ve not been able to really offer him anything, ever, for his entire life?

My more realistic real estate goal is a modest two bedroom apartment where the second bedroom could be an office/study/library, but also hold a twin bed or murphy bed so that he can at least know he always has a bed here whenever he wants.

*no seriously this is the back of our front door and we’ve another on our bedroom door  


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