Open Adoption Birth Mother Meets Open Adoption Research

As some know I’m currently in my third year of my doctoral studies where I’m researching adoption (shocking I know). Today I’m working on a research proposal and I just have to take a minute. I’m sorting through articles, none of which I haven’t seen before. And none of which fail to make me need a minute each and every time I read them.

Each of these articles written before I worked in the industry, before i placed my son, some BEFORE I WAS EVEN BORN tell us things that go ignored. For instance in 1997 it was recommended that (birth) mothers get post placement support. That they be advised about the prolonged grief. That services be available for open adoptions that close. That couples counseling be available for those parents who remain in relationship with each other.

I relinquished in 2001. That’s 4 years after this article was published. Four years for the information to pass from journal to practitioner. Four years where none of these recommendations were implemented.

I worked for the industry in 2012. Thats 16 years after this article was published. 16 eyars for the information to pas from journal to practitioner. 16 years where none of these recommendation were implemented. 16 years and still I was told to close cases as soon as possible after relinquishment papers were signed. 16 years and still my coworker and I were met with so.much.pushback. when we tried to start a support group for our post placement clients.

I left direct practice so I could do research that would impact the way the industry works. But what if I just write more articles to be ignored. What if nothing changes. What if this is all a waste of time, energy, and money?

I dont have any answers. I just need a minute before delving back into the stack of articles that had they been heeded may have changed the entire course of my life.

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