Avoidance At Its Finest

I’ve somehow come across a new blog crush and I can’t even tell you how it happened. What i can tell you is that i’ve spent way more time than is rational reading Victoria Elizabeth Barnes’ blog. She writes about renovating/restoring a victorian house and gardening and being fabulous. None of which apply to me I’m renting a 200sq foot apt with no outdoor space. I’m a phd student who shuns pants most days and has no time or energy to even pretend fabulousness. But I could be writing my theory midterm and instead i’m reading this blog from start to finish.I’ve also started a post about my latest visit, but i’m avoiding adoption right now because: feelings. It’s a problem. But I overlook the problem because i feel like i would be friends with this person. I SHOULD be friends with this person. WHY AM I NOT FRIENDS WITH THIS PERSON?!

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