An Adoption Related Fundraiser I Support

I never in a million years thought I would write this post or any post like it.

I don’t support crowdfunding adoption. It’s gross. It reeks of child trafficking / child selling.  It reeks of entitlement. It pretty much just reeks.

However, thats not what this is. This is an adoption fundraiser I support. And I will be adding this link throughout the post in the hopes that as you read you will support it too.

This is a case where children were placed in a home for the purpose of adoption. These children had been living in foster care and have no legal ties to any biological family. Let me repeat there is no biological family members who are able to raise them.

They were placed with a family and attachments developed on all sides. Then, however, someone who calls themselves a social worker but is unworthy of the title began thwarting their every effort. Allegations were made, investigated, deemed imaginary and yet this “social worker” removed the children. The “social worker” seems to be operating under some combination of homophobia, classism, ablism, and racism.

This family cooperated with the system at every turn and when it became apparent the “social worker” was doing everything in their power to keep the children away (including transferring them to multiple temporary homes) they took on the added attorney expense without question. However, as this gets drawn out longer and longer they have come to a place where they must ask for help. They do not do this by oversharing the children’s story to capitalize on sympathy as is so often the case. Instead they try to protect their children’s anonymity while hoping people will still step forward and offer support without the heart crushing details.

If you are considering donating, but have questions. Please feel free to ask in comments. If i can answer the question without shredding any semblance of anonymity I will. If you believe you know who the family is please do not share identifying information (names, genders, etc) as we don’t want the family to be further targeted and we dont want the children to lose their anonymity

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